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Named for the famous thoroughbred racehorses that have been bred on the South Island of New Zealand, The Champion’s freshness and streamlined acidity harkens to the same intensity those champion racehorses bring to the course. With bursts of tropical grapefruit, bright pineapple and mineral freshness, the wine symbolizes the harmony that exists between man and nature. Just as the jockey wrestles with his steed for hours until he is race-ready, The Champion’s winemaking team must expertly train their Sauvignon Blanc vines to produce the perfect grapes in the unique maritime climate of the South Island.


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The Champion Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

To achieve The Champion Sauvignon Blanc, we utilize a small artisan vineyard located on the South Island in Marlborough, New Zealand. The resulting flavors are intensely tropical in contrast to the leaner, ‘green herbaceous’ commonly represented styles. A crisp wine boasting the fruit-forward flavors of passionfruit, gooseberry, and pink grapefruit. Intense tropical flavors are balanced with acidity for versatility. Showcased with a lively and juicy brightness and a pleasant, lingering finish.



Grown in the rich alluvial Wairau plains in Marlborough, the stony, free-draining soils provide the ideal canvas for Sauvignon Blanc. Farmers for The Champion train the vines to produce smaller canopies, allowing for more direct sunlight exposure to the grape clusters. Cool ocean breezes help keep the vineyards dry and allow the berries to retain their signature acidity. This results in the wine’s zesty character and the tart, juicy citrus flavors that dominate the nose and the palate. Produced in a reductive style, free from oxidation, the wine is kept at cool temperatures once pressed and ferments in 100% stainless steel barrels with added yeasts to enhance production. The resulting wine is light, bright, with high acidity–the perfect accompaniment for any occasion.


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